Showcasing Andrea Marcus Artist

Welcome to my World

About Me

My Background


I  have been working as an artist for most of my life. I graduated from The Ontario College of Art, now known as OCAD and studied fine art at York University in Toronto. I began my professional career as a painter and a sculptor. Always painting, I ventured into other areas and medium. I studied photography and  glassblowing  throughout Canada, the United States and Europe. The main focus of my work has always been painting and sculpture and my mediums vary, stone carving, bronze, glass casting and blowing, oil painting, watercolour, and a fresh medium using acrylic, polymer, resin, wax and adhesive.

Various Stages of my career


This painting is made up of 4 canvasses and is a mixed medium work using polymer, resin, wax, and adhesive with acrylic paint.

These works fuse,  the mediums are very stable and tough  creating long lasting works..

My Inspiration


I enjoy hiking in my spare time and many of my pieces are directly influenced by these hikes in nature. I love recreating plants and wildlife in my work. I also paddleboard and kayak on oceans and lakes, all influencing my work,  My interest in the climate, the geography, the topography  all effect my photographs  and  my abstract paintings. For many years I  also loved  to paint my studio gardens.......a journey to Antarctica in  1992 lead me to paint  ice  which eventually lead me to glass.  You will see these evolutions in  my gallery on this site..

Nature is my palate

This piece flows and shines relating to lava in Hawaii and in the Galapagos

I travel to exotic and interesting places in the world to be inspired by landscapes and animals 

Life and my Art


On a  recent  trip t o the Galápagos I  was  introduced to a  lava flow that appeared to  resemble  my work.

My secret life as a photographer